Have you heared about Life Coaching, either from family or friends or scrolling through your social media feed? Maybe you’re wondering what it’s all about and if it’s as great as people say. I’ve had these questions too and wanted to share what surprised and encouraged me about the benefits of Life Coaching.

First, Life Coaching isn’t therapy. It occupies a distinct and different place in the helping relationship world. Therapy is based on a medical model and helps people with difficulty in their day-to-day functioning. Life coaching is based on a collaborative model and helps people set goals and find the best approaches to achieve them. It is client-led and purpose-driven. Therapy may focus on assisting clients with past trauma, while life coaching can focus on helping clients take positive steps forward into their future.

Second, what sets life coaching apart from books, YouTube videos, seminars, and other DIY materials is the collaborative relationship. Humans are social creatures, and there is power in working with a live coach who can get to know you and offer the right amount of support and challenge, especially at the right time in your growth journey.

Third, life coaching embraces the growth mindset and helps clients tap potential in any area of their life. The key here is that the client does need to be willing to see themselves as capable of changing and growing and be willing to do so. When clients are ready to learn more about themselves and implement action steps to move them closer toward their goals, they can realize their potential and live their best life.